Whether you are wanting a bespoke running top to help raise more money, or you’re a professional athlete wanting a suit that enables you to show off your sponsors and stand out on the start line, we can help.

We welcome one-off orders and our UK factory and no MOQs allow us to make sure that you get the bespoke garment that you always wanted but didn’t think was possible. 

No minimum order quantities means we can literally make ONE garment for someone. Yes, this is slightly more expensive, but it’s a one-off!

Having our own embroidery machines in-house enables us to customise garments for an individual very quickly and easy.

Artwork can often be an additional cost that makes a one-off suit out of reach but we don’t charge for artwork and we can help make your vision a reality.

Having our own UK factory and being able to offer kit ‘made in Britain makes us quite unique and this single reason is why we can offer this one-off bespoke service where many others can’t.